Deliver account-based marketing without cookies


Drive awareness and education of client’s fund strategies among select US RIAs and wirehouses through informative content, videos, and other resources. Leverage creative story-telling and appropriate targeting to move prospects down the conversion funnel.


The client wanted to only target select US RIAs and wirehouses, so we opted for IP-targeting at a company level through Alphix Solutions, Fundamental Media’s award-winning cookie-free marketing analytics sister company. This allowed us to overcome the issues of cookie deprecation and the challenges it brings to re-engage with prospects and drive genuine funnel strategies.

Alphix Solutions is a robust and trustworthy first-party data model that provided the client with:

Tight targeting and attribution
Reduction of invalid (bot) traffic
Reach and engagement data can be split out at a firmographic level

The IP-targeting enabled us to deliver appropriate messaging to qualified audiences that have demonstrated awareness and receptivity to the client’s brand.

The integrated Alphix UI captured company-specific content consumption across the entire client web experience, both paid and organic.

The IP-targeting approach allowed for quality grading of the client’s target companies and ensured that consistent and predictable scale was achieved.