Launch and establish a new brand globally


The client wanted to launch and own a new category (‘actual investor’), thus creating a new conversation. They wanted to deliver true competitive differentiation in the market as they sought to position themselves as long-term active investors within the professional investment industry.


Fundamental Media worked with the client team to plan and execute a high-impact paid media strategy, targeting business and finance professionals and investors in all major financial markets across the globe.

The campaign was broken down into three distinct phases to attract and nurture professional investor audiences at different touchpoints in their user journey.

As part of the first phase, we used Fundamental Media’s own research into key investor audiences combined with our data-driven programmatic audience solution to build out a qualified fund buyer audience so we could specifically target these groups across their wider online journey.

Phase one of the campaign consisted of five key messages tactically sequenced. We employed a digital-heavy approach focused on intermediaries and institutional investors. These were supported by paid search and organic social activity.

Through our analytics platform, Outcome Analytics, we were able to view and interpret performance data from phase one to help inform the strategy for phase two and three of the campaign.

For phase two, we built on the previous campaign, increasing the brand presence across key high-performing digital titles advertising and capitalising on a paid LinkedIn campaign to reach a mix of discretionary portfolio managers, fund selectors and institutional investors across all key markets.

By the time the second phase was concluded, the client was considered one of the top asset management brands in the UK, with awareness building in other countries.

In the third phase, we therefore not only focused on further building the brand but also on engagement to take Actual Investors to the next level.

We elevated the campaign with global content partnerships and events with The Economist, capitalised on LinkedIn to support the client’s long-term organic strategy, and promoted specific client spokespeople to drive engagement and communicate in new ways.