Maximise ROI through our proprietary campaign management platform


Drive awareness of client’s products and drive engaged users through to the client website, where they could engage with the content and learn more about the products.


Each campaign phase had two distinct strategies: Meet and Introduce, followed by Engage and Convert. These strategies were reflected in the creative builds, which consisted of a brand unit followed by a more engaging capabilities message.

Phase 1: Predominantly focused on selected wires. The media selection therefore reflected partners that could deliver on that audience via strong first-party data. The creative was a mixture of display and video creative.
Phase 2: Reached out to a wider audience, still covering off the wires but also engaging the larger US financial advisor community of IBS, RIAs and hybrids.

A dual strategy comprised prospecting and additionally retargeting advisors who had previously engaged in Phase 1. In this instance we expanded the media mix to include audio advertising within industry podcasts, content-based lead generation and gamification units aimed at demonstrating the client’s value proposition.

Users interacted with the unit and were given a correct or incorrect message on a button click.

This activation had multiple uses. It provided a direct comparison with a competitor product; it drove a direct engagement with creative without clicking through to a landing page; it showcased the value the client’s products provide; and finally it allowed to benchmark how well users knew the products.

These units were distributed programmatically, supported by direct buys with trade publications and social media.

By using our proprietary Alphix Tag solution, we were able to identify that a high percentage of users were declining cookies or using adblockers. This was illustrated by the fact that in many instances the delta between analytics visits recorded and actual site visits was up to 30%, meaning that the analytics platform was underreporting at this level. These insights allowed us to accurately report the true metrics of the campaign to our client.