Optimise campaign performance along the whole user journey


Drive broader awareness of mid-caps’ ability to perform in times of crisis, featuring the client’s fund as the preferred choice.


The strategy behind the campaign was to create something that would generate interest and drive the audience further down the funnel.

After we had created audience personas, we outlined the user journey and assessed which content would be required to create an engaging user journey for each of the audience personas.

Our in-house creative team ideated all the landing page infographics. They also designed some of the adverts and gamification units to create an engaging user experience.

The user journey consisted of three stages. Each stage was supported by a separate landing page with a specific purpose in the user journey. The adverts ran on various digital news channels. After clicking on the ad unit, the visitor would land on the main landing page which displayed an automated animated infographic, which highlighted the impact and importance of a mid-cap allocation on the performance of the portfolio.

The second page provided an interactive experience in which the visitor could model the equity portfolio allocation. The advisor could see the impact a higher or lower allocation to mid-caps has on the performance of the equity portfolio.

The third page informed the visitor about the mid-cap sectors and holdings, combined with positioning mid-cap blend, mid-cap growth and mid-cap value. As the visitor hovered over the data, they saw how three funds give exposure to mid-caps. The advisor also saw the sector weightings and could browse through the sectors.

We implemented conversion tags to help us monitor the full user journey. This allowed us to create more precise and sophisticated audience pools. It also helped to inform a refined retargeting strategy. For those visitors who had only viewed a subset of the pages, we ran Engaged Content units to draw them back into the funnel. These ad units would either retarget them with messages to bring them back to one of the landing pages or target them with product messages.