Recognise a new audience and create strong initial awareness


Drive more users within the Gen Z demographic parameters towards Chicago Booth School of Business MBA programs pages, and generate floodlight conversions to demonstrate an engaged and active page visit. While full RFI form fill completions are the most valued metric as far as lead generation, the goal with this portion of the campaign was to raise awareness and drive users to the site.


Firmographic data from Alphix Solutions, Fundamental Media’s sister company, showed a high volume of traffic for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business coming from Higher Education undergraduate IP addresses. This data, coupled with the school noticing a trend of younger applicants to their MBA program, led to the initiative to test marketing to Gen Z and current undergraduate students directly. This strategy required a completely new approach within media buys that Fundamental Media was key in crafting.

We used our own internal research as well as GWI Core Global Index data to identify a few characteristics of the Gen Z audience that were important to our strategy. Firstly, across all demographics since 2019, total online user numbers are staying flat, but the mobile device is used more. This is especially true within our target audience. Furthermore, Gen Z interest in short online videos and YouTube has increased massively and is the best place to reach this audience now and into the future.

Comfortable with our audience knowledge, we tailored our media strategy to reach these users where we can be the most impactful. This led to our recommendation of using AMX programmatic advertising, YouTube campaigns, and a trusted media partner, Teads.

Using one of our two inhouse DSPs, we ran specific targeting based on age, curated run lists/keywords, and geo-targeting to feeder programs, competitor undergraduate universities, and higher education IP addresses that were detected through Alphix Solutions.
Our in-house design agency, Sonar, created a 15- and 30-second YouTube video based on Chicago Booth’s static display images, which we then ran with demographic and contextual targeting directly on the YouTube platform.
Teads ran Scroller Ads and Video Ads with a specific Gen Z run list to provide a content format that is most effective based on our research.