Use gamification to educate the audience and better understand their knowledge to optimise messaging


Reinforcing the client’s position as a trusted and reliable partner for complex investing needs, providing investors with the confidence to navigate volatility successfully.


The campaign employed interactive polling units to encourage users to engage with liquidity focused topics and preparing them to learn more.

The polling units created by Sonar Studios, Fundamental Media’s sister company, allowed for nimble test and learn strategies. Polling questions were customised to focus on the client’s expertise in an effort to fill the gap between advisors’ consideration and investment in the client’s fund range. Tailoring the questions to identify how the audience has adapted or plans to adapt using liquidity provided real-time learnings to proactively drive users down an appropriate funnel.

The interactive element of the advertising unit was new and stood out to engaged users and asking them to provide their knowledge about campaign specific questions which provided the opportunity to target client’s audience, and garner messaging concepts & learnings that can be used for future marketing competencies. The units were served programmatically.