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Fundamental Media launches major advertisement campaign

Advertisements will run in prominent locations globally 

1 April 2021 - Fundamental Media has today launched its biggest advertisement campaign to date, which will see the brand advertised in prominent locations across the globe, including London, New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Sydney and Paris. 

For over 15 years, Fundamental Media has been committed to providing outstanding media, marketing and technology solutions for its clients in the fund management and business education sectors. But our research has found that there is potential for us to reach a wider audience that is not yet familiar with the full scope of our capabilities. 

This major campaign will be the first of its kind and aims to target marketing professionals in fund management and business education while they are travelling to work or taking their daily exercise outdoors. Our research has shown that 86.7% of these individuals pass by specific landmarks either during their commute or while enjoying leisure time. 

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Fundamental Media hasn’t bought advertising space on the screens surrounding New York City’s Times Square, as well as those on Leicester Square in London. We’ve taken the same approach to broadcasting our message on billboards in Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong. 

Innovative and impactful advertising 

Over the years, Fundamental Media has prided itself on being able to provide our clients with impactful advertising strategies by deploying our proprietary technology tools and research insights. We have taken the same approach to our own campaign, which incorporates our latest research on client preferences into our advertising platform choices. 

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We want to ensure that our brand message is seen by as many key audience members as possible. We have therefore used our cutting-edge technological tools to optimise advertisement placements so that these individuals are reached during the moments they are most susceptible to Fundamental Media’s unique message.  

Data from Fundamental Monitor, an innovative tool providing real-time advertisement insights, showed that marketing professionals in the fund management and business education sectors are more open to advertisements in early Spring. 

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Furthermore, we’ve utilised third-party research for the first time as opposed to the latest insights from Fundamental Research, our agency’s dedicated research arm. This has unveiled that innovation, creativity and reliability are key criteria used by marketing professionals when selecting a media agency.  

Further insight from this third-party research has unveiled that 68% of respondents had never seen a zeppelin, but 54.5% of respondents are nevertheless fond of them, with respondents mentioning the nostalgic feeling they experience when looking at pictures of zeppelins. For 37.6% of respondents, zeppelins create a feeling of adventure, most likely due to Jules Verne’s famous novel Around the World in 80 Days.

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Capitalising on these positive connotations, Fundamental Media earlier this year commissioned the build of four zeppelins, overseen by our managing director and lifelong zeppelin aficionado, Jan Wilch. Three of these will fly over the centres of London, Boston and Berlin, while the fourth will be tethered to the Empire State Building’s 200-foot mooring mast for airships.   

By casting such a wide net to reach our key audience groups, Fundamental Media is convinced it will make a success of the biggest advertising campaign never bought.  

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