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The goal of any good marketing campaign is to ensure that your message reaches the right audience, at the right time and in the right place.

We take this one step further. We run performance focused campaigns that deliver against your business objectives through Audience Alpha, our data-driven programmatic audience solution, and delivered by FMX, our in-house programmatic platform.

The most valuable solution presented by programmatic technology is the ability to target audience groups at a one-to-one level.
The power programmatic offers is directly proportional to the value and ‘cleanliness’ of the audience being curated and utilised for targeting.
This is why at Fundamental Media we know it is essential to manage this process ourselves, so we can pinpoint the right audience for your message.
Asset Management

In a broad universe of audiences available on the internet, there are really only three groups that asset managers are looking to target:




We continuously work with key partners to build out qualified fund buyer audiences, which allow us to specifically target these groups across their wider online journey. This is key both from a targeting, but also compliance perspective.

Audience Alpha utilises audience data to ensure that the right people are seeing your messaging, and that those messages are wholly compliant.

For our audience targeting we concentrate on finding the most accurate and qualified audiences, while filtering out the low quality, aggregated audience data that cannot be trusted and relied upon, ensuring that we always reach the right decision maker for your campaign.

Utilising our proprietary technology solution we can curate these audiences for an outcome-driven approach to deliver highly targeted campaigns that are relevant to our audience. These are then delivered against a tightly curated whitelist, and layered with geographic, keyword and section targeting to deliver effective, outcome-driven campaigns.

Effective advertising offers both brand awareness and direct response with the ability to run both display advertising and native for the education sector.

Audience Alpha gives us complete control over our programmatic buys, using leading industry specific targeting capabilities to reach our clients’ target market in a much more cost-effective and accurate manner than many third party offerings.

We create multi-layered strategies all within a controlled website runlist with demographic overlays using custom:

Retargeting site visitors
Keywords and context
Qualified prospecting audiences
Location based targeting
Dynamic messaging and
sequential targeting

We're able to deliver messages specific to where the user is in the student journey based on our clients' data, allowing for the construct of specific, highly targeted audience buckets.

Working to GDPR-compliant rules, these buckets are used for programmatic prospecting and remarketing on Audience Alpha as well as the foundation for building tightly aligned lookalike audiences.

The audience pools are also extracted and used on other digital platforms such as Facebook.

Our recommended runlist of sites is bespoke to each campaign, be it reaching prospective MBA candidates, through to school-leavers, parents or influencers. We always recommend tailored creatives for these different audiences and work with our clients to help to build out appropriate messaging that really resonates.

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