User journey optimisation

Marketing consultancy and solutions for asset managers

Maximising audience engagement within the ‘owned environment’.

A vital aspect of outcome-oriented planning is an optimised user journey. User journey success can be influenced by a multitude of factors and requires frequent and ongoing assessment to ensure continued performance.

As a marketing services partner, we have the data, knowledge and tools to help map the user journey of institutional investors, financial intermediaries and end investors based on a deep understanding of the target audience.

Hooplot Associates was founded in 2013 to help asset managers with their cross-border marketing, distribution and sales.

The firm has successfully worked for asset managers in Europe, the United States and APAC. Hooplot Associates has always taken a data-driven approach and has ample experience in research, strategy consultancy and project management.

In January 2019 the firm was acquired by Fundamental Media. Fundamental Media and Hooplot Associates provide marketing, media and tech solutions for asset managers.

Content Select

Content expertise for improved campaign performance

For a campaign to be successful,
it is crucial to select the right content.

If you and your colleagues are juggling too many other projects then Content Select could be just the solution you are looking for.

With Content Select we audit, curate and select the content that is required for your campaign.

Our consultants have decades of experience in the asset management industry and have deep knowledge of fund management strategies, markets, products and brands.

They work in close collaboration with the client and adhere to internal compliance processes and guidelines.

This service is often provided alongside our user journey optimisation solution as it is crucial to understand where to apply the content in the overall user journey and to tailor the content to the specific region and audience.

We believe that campaigns should not be postponed due to a lack of internal capacity.

Find out how we can help you maximise your audiences' engagement.

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