Media and market research for asset management marketers.

Building market and audience knowledge that helps to tailor your marketing strategies.

As an integral part of our media planning, our proprietary media and market research supports our clients. We regularly monitor the reach of thousands of media titles and their most used formats. This allows us to observe the evolution of new trends and ensures our clients are always one step ahead on new advertising opportunities.

Knowing the audience is key for the success of each campaign.

Our research therefore not only covers the media consumption of selected investor groups but also delves deeper into topics such as distribution, market trends, brand awareness, communication and the most engaging sources of information for each target group.

Our research covers asset management audiences globally, with specific target groups including institutional investors, financial intermediaries and fund selectors.

Fundamental IQ, our research insight division, also publishes several audience-specific reports and a Global Brand Survey, looking at the brand strength of leading asset managers.

Discover market and audience insights to improve your marketing strategic planning.

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