Marketing and sales performance insights on the world’s leading asset managers.

The MAP Factsheets provide a highly visual and easily digestible overview of your individually selected competitor groups.

Created by our professional asset management research team, the MAP Factsheets provide a multi-touchpoint assessment on the impact that marketing activity, output and structure have on the performance of some of the world’s leading asset management companies.

Marketing and sales performance for asset managers.


Subscribing companies can select the asset management groups that they are interested in and a factsheet is prepared per group.

These are delivered on a quarterly basis in addition to consultative presentations where insights relating to the subscriber’s business will be highlighted and discussed.

At their core, the MAP Factsheets inform and develop your own marketing strategy through actionable marketing intelligence insights.

Identify actionable opportunities in the market from the following perspectives:

Promotion (vs flows)
Advertising strategies and focuses
Brand performance (vs spend)
Content creation
Social media performance
Marketing team structure

Discover in-depth competitive sales and marketing intelligence.

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