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30 April 2024

How interactive content can help audiences better retain your core message

By taking an innovative approach to sharing content, asset managers can improve message retention

Key points:

  • According to the ‘learning pyramid’, people only remember 10% of what they read.
  • Traditionally, asset managers post mostly written, long-form content on their website. This is often dry content intended for clients.
  • This content can be made more engaging by adopting more interactive and engaging formats.

Marketers spent a vast amount of time and resources on attracting their target audience to a landing page. We have seen asset managers spending 95% plus of their time and resources to the pre-click experience. But this is just part of the marketing challenge. Achieving message retention through optimising the post-click experience is at least equally important, if not more.

People can consume information in various ways, but not all methods of learning are as efficient in encouraging retention. According to the ‘learning pyramid’, developed by the National Training Laboratory in the USA, people only remember 10% of what they read and 20% when watching a video. This increases substantially when people interact with the information: 50% is retained if people discuss the information and 90% if they teach it to others.

Message retention_original

So how can these insights be used to improve audiences’ retention of asset management content?

Traditionally, asset managers have relied heavily on long-form written content, often characterised by its dry nature and intended primarily for clients. While this approach serves a purpose, when positioning this on the retention scale shown above, it is very much in the passive area, and therefore tends to fall short in terms of audience engagement and message retention.

By shifting towards more interactive formats, such as digital infographics, asset managers can revolutionise their content delivery and increase average retention. This can be done whilst also satisfying the need for insight, behaviour and journey mapping.

Interactive infographics invite users to actively engage with the content, transforming the browsing experience from passive observation to dynamic participation. Each interaction serves as an opportunity to reinforce the core message, ensuring that it resonates deeply with the audience.

Beyond simply conveying information, interactive infographics offer a unique opportunity to glean valuable insights into user sentiment and preferences. By encouraging users to share their views and opinions, asset managers can gain a deeper understanding of their audience's journey, without relying on lengthy, passive content. This allows for more targeted and personalised marketing efforts, ultimately driving greater engagement and retention.

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