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17 July 2023

Alphix Solutions wins prestigious industry awards

Alphix Solutions, Fundamental Group’s marketing technology arm, has been awarded the Open Innovation Award at Investment Week’s Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023, and a Highly Commended in the category ‘Best Innovation in Use of Technology’ at the Financial Services Forum Awards for Innovation and Transformation. 

Taking place on Friday 7th July, the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023 recognised the individuals, teams and leaders that have delivered outstanding campaigns amidst the volatile and ever-changing market environment of 2022. The Open Innovation category was focused on genuinely new ideas and execution in a marketing activity sources from anywhere in the business. 

Less than a week later, on Thursday 13th July, the FSF Awards for Innovation and Transformation are a celebration of the businesses, teams and individuals who have sparked innovation, change or transformation within their market, business or category. 

We’re immensely proud of having won the Open Innovation Award at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023 and having received a Highly Commended at the FSF Awards for Innovation and Transformation. These wins are a testament to our innovative technology that provides our clients with accurate and next-generation data analytics and places them ahead of the competition. It is also a recognition of our team’s hard work and dedication. We have exciting plans for the future and look forward to sharing these with the industry soon,” commented Angus Maclaine, CEO of Fundamental Group. 

Alphix Solutions is a cookie-free marketing intelligence suite built with privacy and accuracy at its heart. The platform is powered by the Alphix Tag, which was created to ensure we register the visit for all clicks that any advertisement has registered if they arrive on site. It utilises a unique code that is passed through the advertisement click onto the landing page. This transforms the analytics from simply being a counter to providing actual, verified attribution to the source of the user's entry to the site. 

The Alphix Tag provides a higher level of accuracy for last-click attribution and is not affected by either cookie consent platforms or adblockers. It also does not use cookies, nor does it record any personally identifiable information. As such it adheres to the principles of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).   

The deployment of the Alphix Tag allows our clients to gain true insights from accurate analytics of their website and campaign data that hasn’t been compromised by cookie consent, privacy settings, adblockers or bots.  

Alphix Bot provides detailed bot traffic data matching, identifying site traffic made by humans vs bots and splitting the traffic accordingly. This allows our clients to clearly identify and understand the true picture behind their advertising campaign and analytics data volumes. 

The true analytics data gathered via the Alphix Tag is then used to seamlessly integrate clients’ campaign performance data alongside website engagement. By matching firm name data with detailed campaign data, Alphix Firmographic allows clients to easily see which companies are interacting with their creatives, webpages and products, providing them with actionable marketing insights so they can nurture the most promising business leads.  

To find out more about our innovative technology solutions, contact Karlee Samuels.

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