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16 October 2023

APAC advertisers move towards fund promotion

Asset managers also promoted equities less in the APAC region during Q3 2023, data by Fundamental Monitor shows

Key points:

  • Fund promotion made up more than half of all APAC advertising during Q3 2023, up from a third in Q2
  • Equities advertising dropped significantly during Q3, but there was an increase in the number of asset managers promoting the asset class
  • The number of advertisers promoting fixed income, ETFs and ESG also increased

Asset managers shifted towards fund promotion in their APAC advertising during Q3 2023, according to data by Fundamental Monitor.

At 58%, fund promotion accounted for the majority of all asset management advertising in the APAC region during Q3. This was up from 33% in Q2.

Q3 2023 APAC ad purpose_original

On the other hand, brand campaigns and insights promotion saw a decrease compared to Q2. The share of brand campaigns fell from 42% to 24%, while the advertising of insights dropped from 25% to 18%.

Q3 2023 APAC key strategies_original

Equities advertising dropped significantly in Q3 to 5% from 21% in Q2. The promotion of fixed income saw a slight increase to 11% while ETF advertising remained stable at 14% of total advertising volume. Multi asset and ESG continue to be at much lower levels than seen in previous years.

Q3 2023 APAC advertisers_original

Despite the decrease in overall advertising dedicated to equities compared to Q2, there were a higher number of active advertisers promoting the asset class in Q3 (13 in Q2 vs 17 in Q3). The number of asset managers promoting fixed income also increased as did the number of ETF advertisers and ESG advertisers. However, the number of multi asset advertisers halved from 6 in Q2 to 3 in Q3.

Below are some examples of the type of campaigns that were in market in APAC in Q3 2023:

Fund promotion – La Trobe Financial

Q3 2023 APAC La Trobe_original

Fund promotion – J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Q3 2023 APAC JPM_original

Q3 2023 APAC JPM-2_original

Fixed income – Alliance Bernstein

Q3 2023 APAC Alliance Bernstein_original

ETFs – Global X Funds

Q3 2023 APAC Global X_original

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